On a lovely fall day, back in October, I met Bruno on 32nd Street, just south of Greeley Square.

This was the tattoo on his calf that caught my eye and inspired me to stop him:

Bruno told me he was "travelling the world, trying to get some good waves everywhere I go." He had this Hannya mask done "back in Brazil, four years ago,"

But, despite spotting the mask on his leg, he was more proud to show me his latest tattoo, still healing on his thigh:

This tattoo on his thigh was done in Indonesia. He identified it as "Barong, a god from the Hindu-Balinese religion." It was inked at Shotonk Tattoo, by Shotonk, who Bruno said is "one of the best tattoo artists in Bali."

He added, that Barong is "one of the protector gods for the island, so I really feel like he's going to be protecting me in all my journeys."

Thanks to Bruno for sharing his cool tattoos with us here on Tattoosday! We wish him safe travels as he journeys the earth, looking for those awesome waves.

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